Recently, a paradigm change from experimental science to ‘data-driven’ science has been proposed. In other words, approaches that propose a hypothesis and design experiments in order to validate the hypothesis will be taken over new apporaches that build a new hypothesis from statistical analysis and explain the observed data sets.

In order to develop data-driven science across information, bio, material sciences and develop interdisciplinary studies in these areas, we have established a new “data science center”. We will promote advanced and flexible education and research programs to answer current social needs.

The data science center consists of the data science department, materials and informatics department, bioinformatics department, social implementation division, international education research collaboration division and plays a central role in the implementation of data science program in the Nara Institute of Science and Technology. We will make it a foundation for education and research promoting data driven science.

    • Data Science Division:

Develop information theory and statistical approaches those are the foundation of data driven science. Especially focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence (deep learning, Bayesian inference).

    • Materials Informatics Division:

Develop new approaches for new materials based on material informatics and chemical informatics.

    • Bioinformatics Division:

Analyze huge experimental data from biological or medical experiments, in life phenomena.

    • Social Implementation Division:

We will actively engage in social implementation and utilization of research results of data driven science by industry, government and academia collaboration.